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About us

Archetyp-M, an architectural studio in Prague, Czech Republic was established in 2008 by Jakub Marsik.
Functional, efficient, friendly, knowledgeable and trendy architecture marked by tradition, innovative typology and technology is the hallmark of our studio work. Projects are custom-designed individually with an emphasis on conceptual vision based on archetypes rooted in people's hearts, genius loci and an inseparability of architecture, landscape design and arts.

Our services cover all areas of architectural and urban design and interior design managing all design project stages - from feasibility study to detailed design work including project supervision.

Our studio specializes in the renovation of historical sites and buildings.
The most important project we managed was the 1st phase of recovery of a national cultural monument - the Premonstratensian Monastery in Tepla.
The body of team members consists of architects and civil engineers. Cooperation on projects:
Ing. Jan Andrš, José Maria Anton Camarero, Sara Balsas Vidal, Jesús Barea Castańo, Ing. Arch. Petra Bulíčková, Ing. arch. Pavel Hicz, Ing. David Henzl, Ing. Luboš Chýle, Ing. Pavel Fořt, Ing. Arch. Kristine Grigoryan, Pavel Hořenín, Ing. Jan Klepal, Eva Málková, Ing. Arch. Vendula Melkusová, Verónica Naya, Ing. Arch. Roman Nevrla, José Maria Núńez, Ing. Arch. Lukáš Přibyl, Aida Rubiera Montejo, Ing. Alexandr Seko, Antonio Soneira Varela, Ing. arch. Jan Ševců, Ing. Arch. Eliška Špatzová, Ing. Tomáš Stopka, Ing. Arch. Josef Tlustý, Ing. Arch. Anna Vokřálová, Ing. Arch. Marta Vlčková, Ing. arch. Klára Zlámalová
The office also cooperates with leading specialists and consultants in the fieldof heritage preservation, structural analysis of historic structures, rehabilitation of structures,building environment, sustainability,landscape architecture, garden design, restoration and fine arts.

about us


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